The Anti Ragging Committee and the Anti Ragging Squad for the academic year 2018-19 are reconstituted and comes into force immediately. The following are the members in respective committees.

Anti Ragging Committee
1.Dr.T.Jaya SreePrincipal MMCChairman9848127116
2.Dr. Uday Pal Singh,Prof, & HOD- Forensic MedicineMember9440929100
3.Dr. B.AnuradhaProf. &HOD MicrobiologyMember9848097479
4.Dr. B.Kishan RaoProfessor,AnaesthesiologyMember9866181161
5.Dr.B.P.Ravi Kumar  , Prof, &HOD                  Member9177641953
6.Dr. S.Vijaya Durga  Asso Prof.,Microbiology                  Member9866915155
7.Dr. Shiv Subba Rao  Professor,ENT                  Member9652863231
8.Dr. P.Naveen  Asso Prof.,Pharmacology                  Member-Warden, Mens Hostel9948036880
9.Dr. P.Srilakshmi  Warden Girls Hostel                  Member9441215469
10.Maramraj Sankeerthan  Final MBBS Part – II (14-15)                  Students Member9491459893
11.Dronamraju Sri Divya Sivaranjani  Final MBBS Part – I (15-16)                  Students Representative9959127777
Anti Ragging Squad
1.Dr.M.Pramod Kumar ReddyProf. & HOD, Psychiatry,Co-ordinator9849345569
2.Dr.Y.V.Rama Krishna ReddyAssoc.Prof. (Biomchemistry), Member9705246818
3.Dr. V.Naga Praveen           Assoc.Prof.Community Medicine,Member 9948311893
4.Dr. Vasudha C LAssoc.Prof. (Microbiology),Member9964185895
5.Dr.C.Swathi                             Ass. Prof.,Pharmacology,Member 8886144868
6.Koneni Nikhil                              Final MBBS Part– I(15-16),Students Representative9515089529
7.Mr K.Ramya Sai Durga                              Second MBBS (16-17),Students Representative9381102550
8.Bairu Sai Krishna                              Second MBBS(16-17),Students Representative7842697989
Disciplinary Committee
1.Dr. Uday Pal SinghProf. &HOD- Forensic Medicine,Member9440929100
2.Dr. B.AnuradhaProf, & HOD – Microbiology,Member9848097479
3.Dr. B.Kishan Rao           Professor,Anaesthesiology,Member 9866181161
4.HOD           Concerned Department ,Member 

Hence all the staff members and students are requested to cooperate with college administration in totally preventing Ragging in both MMC & MGH campus and to make the Institution “Ragging Free Institution”. The administration also request staff and students to keep watch of the student movement to prevent Ragging incidences and to report if any such incidence takes place immediately to one of the committee members or the Dean. All the freshly admitted students are requested to move in groups and to report any attempt of ragging to the under signed. Sd/-