Social Welfare We live in a society, which comprises of different segments namely the rich, middle class and the poor. Social standing is a reflection of the living conditions, thus the poor are more susceptible to acquire certain diseases. To make matters worse, they do not have accessibility to proper medical care.

Mamata intends to set the situation right through its services for social welfare. There are two aspects of teaching medicine to students.

– The subject knowledge, that teaches, what, why, how and when of medicine and treatment.
– The other very important and crucial aspect is teaching of ethics and morals.

Mamata has never ignored the second aspect at any time. The students are impressed upon the importance of community welfare and rural health programs. They are taken to rural and tribal areas, where they see patients at the Rural Health Centres and Adopted Primary health centres.

If required, the needy are referred to the hospital for further treatment and better medical care. Regular rural health camps are been conducted by Mamata General Hospital to help thousands of rural poor in Khammam district where they are giving free treatment and drugs.