Overview of Department:

Welcome to the department of Pathology, MMC, Khammam. The department of Pathology was established in the Mamata medical college, Khammam in the year 1997. Since then the department has expanded in strength and scope of activities keeping with the increasing demand for public health awareness and importance attached to Pathology as an integral part of total health care. The department has been conducting full-fledged Postgraduate degree (MD) and Diploma (DCP) courses in Pathology since 2003. The department of Pathology is primarily concerned with training post graduate students and creating awareness in public regarding need for public health care. The department serves as a link between rural public and Mamatha General Hospital, Khammam. 

Departmental Faculty:

S. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Yalavarthi Sushma Professor & HOD
2 Dr. Vasudeva Rao Thommurothu Professor
3 Dr. Shruthi Amit Deshpande Associate Professor
4 Dr. Mohan Sireesha Associate Professor
5 Dr. Narasimharao Bharadwaz Chennapragada Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Kondaveeti Chinnari Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Hymavathi Bathina Senior Resident
8 Dr. Gandu Krishna Kumar Senior Resident
9 Dr. Ravva Rathna Senior Resident
10 Dr. Polareddy Sindhuja Tutor
11 Dr. Abhinaya Muniganti Tutor
12 Dr. M. Sirisha Tutor
13 Dr. Aella Sushmitha Reddy Tutor
14 Dr. T. Mounika Tutor
15 Dr. Maddi Suma Reddy Tutor
16 Dr. Katta Pavan Kumar Tutor
17 Dr.Kojge Deepika Tutor
18 Dr.Pasupuleti Swathi Tutor
19 Dr.Shaik Mymoona Tutor
20 Dr.Pasumarthy Youharika Tutor


Undergraduate             : MBBS

Postgraduate                 : M.D. (Pathology)

Hands on training in day to day working

(Histopathology, Cytology, Clinical Pathology, Blood Bank, Teaching) 


The core competencies of department of Pathology is teaching programme to prepare undergraduate and postgraduate students for their courses. Formal teaching is conducted in a variety of settings. Full participation by residents is expected. At the end of sessions students should attain competencies in the cognitive knowledge of basic sciences applied to speciality courses and they should be experts in clinical and practical skills. Student should be able to attain knowledge about basic principles of research and to take up small time research projects. 


  • Well equipped Histopathology lab
  • Well equipped Hematology / Clinical Pathology lab
  • Fully air conditioned lecture galleries
  • Well equipped blood bank with component separation unit.
  • Departmental library is provided with 141 books.
  • Museum
  • Internet facility
  • Microphotography unit
  • Slide library


MMC-Research award 2019, Dr.Y.Sushma, Prof & HOD –Department of Pathology, awarded by Mamata Educational Society , Khammam, Title: Utility of platelet indices in diagnosing the underlying cause of thrombocytopenia due to accelerated platelet destruction. 

RESEARCH AND PUBLICATIONS:                                                    

  1. Sushma Yalavarthi, Shruti Deshpande, Effectiveness of case based learning over traditional teaching methods in phase II MBBS students. International Journal  of educational research and studies, 2021:3(3):14-18.
  2. Deshpande SA, Rao KS, Sushma Y, Saikumar GV. International academy of cytology guidelines based categorization of breast fine-needle aspiration cytology lesions and their histopathological  correlation. J Datta Meghe Inst Med Sci Univ 2021;16:334-9.
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  1. A study of Morphological Variants of Meningiomas with special emphasis on high grade meningioma.( Dr. Chinnari )
  2. A Study on role of Platelet indices in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients ( Dr. Spandana.)
  3. A clinicopathological study of Hashimoto Thyroiditis.( Dr. Pooja K)
  4. Pancytopenia; A clinicohaematological study. ( Dr.Pravallika M).
  5. Study of coagulation profile with microvascular complications and glycemic control in type 2 diabetes mellitus. (Dr.Hymavathi.B)
  6. Study of cytohistopathological correlation of Salivary gland tumors based on updated Milan Criteria. ( Dr.Syed Arfath Ahmed)
  7. Study of correlation of cytological grading and histopathological grading in breast malignancies.(Dr. Sravya.V).