The Blood Bank is under the purview of the Pathology department. It has valid license up to 31st December 2022. The Drugs control Administration has granted license for Blood components. On an average 42 blood units are issued daily.

Blood Bank at Mamata General Hospital is centrally air-conditioned, working for 24 hours round the clock and one of the finest blood transfusion centers which collects blood, conducts camp and promotes blood donation. We are catering our services for a decade to meet the needs of patients, hospitals, clinicians and related services.

Our hospital also motivates the voluntary donors about the importance of blood transfusions and educate about the testing of the infections transmitted by the transfusing of blood components.

Blood Components Available are:

  • Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBC)
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)
  • Platelet Concentrate


The process of apheresis involves removal of whole blood from a patient or donor. Within an instrument that is essentially designed as a centrifuge, the components of whole blood are separated. One of the separated portions is then withdrawn and the remaining components are retransfused into the patient or donor.

Categories of Component collections include:

  • Plasma.
  • Platelets