Overview of Department:

Medical physiology concentrates on the organisation and functioning of human body. Physiology is the basis for understanding diseased states and their treatment modality.
Our Physiology department includes enthusiastic and hardworking faculty. Regular Undergraduate and Post Graduate activities are taking place. We have 3 Ph.D scholars doing their Doctorate thesis.
Department renders high quality teaching and training undergraduate and postgraduate students. It has a well-structured program for undergraduate and postgraduate students which includes lectures, tutorials, Seminars, Journal Clubs, laboratory practicals and demonstrations. Department encourages faculty and doctoral candidates to take new interesting research projects, and present the topic in conferences and do publications. Physiology department actively participate in research and medical education activities. In collaboration with clinical departments we conduct integrated teaching and early clinical exposure to make the subject more interesting and improvethe ability of studentsto learn about pathological aspects of diseases.

Imparting knowledge of physiology to paramedical courses like dentistry and nursing also come under department’s purview.
Under the guidance of Institutional Head, Academic and extracurricular performances of students are closely monitored with a strong and efficient mentorship program. Regular feedback is taken from students regarding teaching learning methods, any suggestions for improvise is considered.

Planning for digital clinical laboratory set up in coming days. Implementation of AETCOM from this academic batch 2019-20.

Departmental Faculty:

S. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Akumalla Krishnaveni Professor & HOD
2 Dr. Rufus Raj Kumar Peterson Associate Professor
3 Dr. Kancharla Sirisha Associate Professor
4 Dr. Sunitha. B S  Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Rathod Ashwini Avinash Assistant Professor
6 Mrs. K Amrutha Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Nile Rachana Gangadhar Assistant Professor
8 Ms. Kanneganti Jhansi Tutor
9 Mr. Annepaka Eliya Raju Tutor
10 Dr. Srinivas Nishani Tutor
11 Dr. M. Sumanjali Tutor




Proper understanding of subject. Applying the concepts of Physiology in understanding and practicing clinical medicine

To enhance knowledge and skill in performing the practical tests and examining the patients.

Enable the students to emerge as a competent trained medical professional and able to deliver independent, quality and effective healthcare service to the community Encourage faculty in research activities


  • Departmental library is provided with 178 books and two desktops with an internet facility.
  • Didactic lecture gallery with facilities of various audio-visual aids.
  • Haematology laboratory
  • Well-equipped Clinical and Human laboratory
  • Amphibian and Mammalian Laboratory


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  • Cardio- vascular Autonomic function tests in type –II Diabetics & non-Diabetics by Mrs.K.Amrutha.
  • Evaluation of W.B.C sub type ratios, platelet indices and hs – CRP levels to predict the pre – eclampsia at 11-14 weeks of human pregnancy by Miss. K. Jhansi.