Chairperson:  Dr. P. Naveen, Prof & HOD of Pharmacology.

Deputy Coordinator: Dr. Mounita Hazra, Assoc Prof. of Pharmacology.


S.No. Name Department
1. Dr. S. Kiran Kumar Prof. of Anaesthesiology
2. Dr. Prachee Hiresh Nagrale Prof. of Ophthalmology
3. Dr. S. Vijay Kumar Assoc Prof. of Pharmacology
4. Dr. Ch. Venkat Sumanth Asst.Prof. of General Medicine.
5. Dr. K. Chaitanya Senior Res. of Resp. Med.
6. Dr. Sri Divya Reddy Senior Res. of Psychiatry
7. Dr. K. Satyanarayana Rao Seniot Res. of DVL

Frequency of Meeting: Once in 6 Months