Overview of Department:
  • Postgraduate course  was  commenced  in  2003-04 with  initial  intake  of  one   MD  and  one  Diploma  and  currently  the  intake has been increased to four MD
  • Being part of a tertiary medical institution situated in rural area, besides offering routine, comprehensive health care, also offers quality modern treatment for all skin ailments, STD & HIV including
  • Ours is a referral centre for dermatology, STD and HIV  for places covering Khammam, Nalgonda, Krishna districts and other adjoining areas.
  • We perform various dermatosurgery procedures like vitiligo surgeries, nail surgeries, CO2 LASER, RF cautery, ear lobe repair, PRP etc. and cosmetology procedures including chemical peels, Acne surgeries, IPL, ear piercing
  • We offer phototherapy for various skin conditions and Dermoscopy and wood’s lamp for proper visualization.
  • The department has 40 bedded (20 M & 20 F) skin ward, catering for inpatient facilities.
  • Runs daily outpatient services on all days, except on holidays.
  • The department has experienced staff with modern facilities.

Departmental Faculty:

S. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. P. Vidhya Sagar Professor& HOD
2 Dr. Shyam Sundar Rao Perumalla Professor
3 Dr. B. Sushmalatha Professor
4 Dr. Bikkasani U.P. Lakshmi Kishan Rao Associate Professor
5 Dr. Potla Shalini Associate Professor
6 Dr. Vupperla Divya Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Shaik Naseema Senior Resident
8 Dr. Darla Sashanka Senior Resident


  • Postgraduate –  MD  in DVL 

Clinical Services:

  • Free OPD care with free registration
  • Free consultation in OPD.
  • Inpaitent care also free.
  • Free bed and
  • Multi disciplinary assessments by cross references as and when required.
  • Advanced phototherapy with LED lights.


  1. Our Institution has good academicians’ who are to strive impact the best educations possible for students. The team works of the staff gives the best possible outputs academic wise.
  2. Ours is leavel-3 tertiary care center with all equipment and manual resources providing the.

Best treatment and care compared to other hospitals with cost effectiveness.


  • E-learning classes to all under graduates and post graduates.
  • Encourage students to actively participate in both state and national level activities academically and non-academically in all kind of activates.
  • Equipped with skilled lab where both post graduates and under graduates are given hands on training skills.
  • Intensive Teaching schedule on all working days for Post graduates.
  • Clinical postings done regularly with ward leaving examinations to under graduates.
  • We update ourselves regular approaches and treatment methods from journal club.
  • Departmental library is provided with various journals and recent books- 98.


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  • A study of clinico histopathlogical spectrum and their  coreelation in autoimmune  vesiculobullous diseases . Dr. Naseema shaik.
  • A comparative study to  evaluate the efficasy of intradermal  tranexamic acid and  intradermal platelet rich plasma  in the treatment of melasma.- dr. Deepthi.
  • A clinical study on hand and foot eczema and the relevance of patch testing in determining the causative agent.- dr. Sonika.
  • A comparative study of fractional co2 laser and dermaroller in the treatment of atrophic facial acne scars.- dr. Mounika.