The Mamata General Hospital provides all the facilities that are required for the primary to tertiary health care facilities. Mamata General Hospital was established in 1996 as a teaching hospital for Mamata Medical College. There are 1000 teaching beds under various Medical and Surgical departments. The salient advantage of the hospital is its enormous clinical material available for both undergraduates and post graduates for training.

The hospital is being run on free basis to all out patients and inpatients. No charges are levied on any outpatients for consultation. All diagnostics like X-Ray, Ultrasound, blood tests are done free of cost to all patients. There are no bed charges for any kind of inpatients. All elective surgeries are done free of cost. Normal Deliveries and Caesarians are done freely, medicines and vaccination are provided free as a compliment. All inpatients are given “free food” both times a day. Due to this, free medication scheme being run from last 15 years, the surrounding rural area population in Khammam district and neighbouring districts prefer Mamata General Hospital as their choice. Hence, there is abundant clinical material available for the best training of UG and PG students.
The Hospital is empanelled under “Arogya Sree”, State Government, BSNL, Police Bhadratha etc.