This hospital is the attached teaching hospital for the B.D.S. students of the Dental College, spread in 40000 sft building. There are around 250 dental chairs both electrical and hydraulic fitted in the various departments like oral and maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontia, orthodontia, periodontia, Endodontia, Pedodontia, oral medicine & Radiology and community Dentistry. The P.G. clinics in each department are the example of international quality facility. Radiological facilities like IOPA OPGA and R.P.G are provided in this Dental Hospital. The ceramic labs of prosthodontial and endodontial departments cater the needs of the patients for denturing and root canal treatment.

The oral and maxillofacial surgery department has operated so far many complicated cases of accidents and trauma. Most of the school children of Khamman town are the adorables of the Pedodontial department as they visit the hospital as part of the Dental camps.

A community Dental van with an inbuilt dental chair fitted goes around the villages and schools as part of the community dentistry Programme. Every day around 150 to 200 patients visit this hospital and avail free treatment.