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Overview of Department:

  • The department of Psychiatry provides a Comprehensive, Integrated, multidisciplaning service is the management of patients with Psychological & Psychiatric disorders.
  • Empathetic care to the patients and their family members and integrating them into the society
  • Community service
  • An orientation to principals of research methodology.
  • To train Under Graduates & Post Graduates with basic skills in Psychiatry and Scientific foundation in behavioral science
  • Department of Psychiatry caters the needs of primary, secondary and tertiary care to the people of khammam and surrounding districts.
S. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. M. Pramod Kumar Reddy Professor & HOD
2 Dr. R. Sateesh Babu Professor
3 Dr. Prashanth Challuri Assistant Professor
4 Dr. G. Ramana Senior Resident
5 Dr. Gyan Nihal.N Senior Resident


Special Clinics

  • Child guidance clinic
  • Adolescence guidance
  • De-addiction clinic
  • Geriatric and community psychiatry

Clinical Services:

  • Free OPD care with free registration & free consultation in OPD.
  • Multi disciplinary assessments by cross references as and when required.
  • Emergency care.

Community health services: 

  • School mental health camps.
  • Regular Rural mental health camps


  • Our Institution has good academicians’ who are strive to impact the best educations possible for students. The team works of the staff gives the best possible outputs academic wise.
  • Ours is leavel-3 tertiary care center with all equipment and manual resources providing the best treatment and care compared to other hospitals with cost effectiveness.


  • Consultation cum examination
  • Provision for Special clinics.
  • Psychometric facilities.
  • Anesthesia assisted ECT.
  • C Seminar hall with aids like LCD projector & laptop.
  • Demo models and charts for counseling.
  • Departmental library with a collection of 139 books.
  • IPD: Closed ward facility for aggressive patients and de-addiction centre
  • E-learning classes to all under graduates and post graduates.
  • Encourage students to actively participate in both state and national level activities academically and non-academically in all kind of activates.
  • Equipped with skilled lab where both post graduates and under graduates are given hands on training skills.
  • Intensive Teaching schedule on all working days for Post graduates.
  • Clinical postings done regularly with ward leaving examinations to under graduates.
  • We update ourselves regular approaches and treatment methods by from of journal club.
  • The departmental library is provided with various journals and recent books- 139


  1. Mass media exposure and eating pathology among female medical students Kavya sri koneru:EC psychology 8-10-(2019) :1035-1040
  2. Attitude toward mental illness among medical students and non- psychiatric doctors M. Vijay Kumar: Arch mental health 2019; 20:9-13
  3. Mobile phones usage & its association with stress, anxiety & depression among adolescents Sri Divya Reddy Kandhi: EC Psychology and Psychiatry 8.12 (2019): 138-142
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  6. prevalence of nicotine dependence and its impact on quality of life and severity of symptoms in schizophrenic patients S. Prasanna Latha :Arch mental health 2019, vol 20, issue 1
  7. Prevalence of psychiatric morbidity and quality of life in patients with ischemic heart disease in a tertiary care hospital Dr A. Praveen Kumar1, Pramod KR Mallepalli2 * JAN – MAR – 2020 Journal of Cardiovascular medicine and surgery VOL – 6,NO -1 ,13-17

PROJECTS (2019-2020)

  1. Anxiety, depression, and quality of life in females diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome – Dr. K. S. Charishma.
  2. A study of psychiatric comorbidity in patients with ischemic heart disease – Dr. Abdul rahman Boathman.
  3. Prevalence and correlates of sexual dysfunction in male patients with alcohol dependence syndrome – Dr. R. Vivek kumar.
  4. A study of self stigma and self esteem inpersons with schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder in their remission – Dr. Bhavesh J Dhedhi.


  1. Dr. R. Vivek Kumar, Dr. K. S. Charishma, Attended “16th Annual National Conference of Indian Association of Biological Psychiatry” 6th & 7th Feb 2021.
  2. Dr. R. Vivek Kumar, Dr. K. S. Charishma, Dr. Abdul Rahman, Dr. Bhavesh Dhedhi, Attended Workshop on “ Cyber & Workspace security for Women” conducted by IPS – South Zone Branch on 07-03-2021 – 
  3. Dr. R. Vivek Kumar, Dr. K. S. Charishma, Attended 6th Annual CME Programme of Indian Psychiatric Society, Telangana State branch held on 11th April 2021.
  4. Dr. K. S. Charishma, Attended Monthly Online CME on “CHILD PSYCHIATRY , ADHD on 19th June 2021.
  5. Dr. Bhavesh Dhedhi, Attended 33 ECNP Congress Educational Highlights Virtual Session , India 2021 on 15th May 2021.