There are 14 major and 6 minor operation theatres are available. They are air conditioned. Each O.T. is having central oxygen & nitrous oxide supply and central suction. The facilities for preanaesthetic and post anaesthetic care are available. The following equipments are available in O.T. block:-

Multiparameter Monitor (with capnograph)–  5
Multiparameter without capnograph–  8
Cardiac monitors–  6
Pulse oximeter–  6
Defibrillators–  2
Ventilator–  2
Boyles’ apparatus11(Workstation 5)
Infusion Pump–  10
Drip Infusion Pump–  10

Post-operative recovery room with 8 beds and preanaesthetic checkup 3 beds are available within O.T. and another post-operative ward with 16 beds is available outside the O.T. complex.

Pre-operative and post-operative facilities are available.

Operation Theatre Distribution

General Surgery–  3 Nos.
OBG–  2 Nos.
Orthopaedics–  2 Nos.
Ophthalmology–  1 Nos.
E.N.T.–  1 Nos.
Emergency- Casuality
–  1 Nos.
Other Surgical Specialtys
–  2 Nos.
Space for Endoscopy
–  1 Nos.
Septic–  1 Nos.

Features Two operation theatres have Laminar Flow. Facilities for Endoscopy are available. CC TV is available. Air-Conditioned Post Anaesthesia Care Unit. Central Oxygen supply and Central suction.  6 beds, 6 multi para monitors, 6 pulse oxymeters, 3 cardiac monitors, 4 ventilators, 3 defibrillator