Dr Y Sushma                                                                 

Professor &HOD of Pathology

Email: yalavarthisushma@yahoo.co.in

Current Academic role & Responsibilities

  • Guiding post graduates and undergraduates (MBBS) in their research projects.
  • Administrative responsibilities in the department.
  • Involved in diagnostic work in histopathology., cytology and hematology, clinical pathology.
  • Conducting theory and practicals sessions for MBBS, BDS and Nursing students as per NMC guidelines.

Areas of research & Expertise

  • Histopathology
  • Cytology.
  • Hematology

Awards & Achievements

  • Awarded young scientist  award in  Mamata Medical College in 2018.
  • Awarded Ganne Subbalaxmi award for best case report in state conference IAPM-AP chapter 2008, held at Kakinada .
  • Underwent training in Advanced course medical education in 2019 Belgavi.

Professional Affiliations

  • Life member of the Indian Association of pathologists and Microbiologists.
  • Life member of Indian Medical Association, Khammam


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