Dr V Nagapraveen

Associate Professor of Community Medicine

Email: nagapraveen2k3@gmail.com

Current Academic Role & Responsibilities

Teaching  MBBS undergraduate & PG students. Research field based and hospital based guiding under graduate research

Areas of Research & Expertise

Sanitation, Health promotion, tuberculosis, public health interactions, health surveys.

Awards & Achievements

Best poster presentation at National Geriatic conference – IAG-2014 plenary speaker at Global conference infectious diseases -2020 paper presentation (Oral) at IAPSM – 2022 conference.

Professional Affiliations+

IAPSM life member 6306


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  4. Nagapraveen Veerapu, Ravi Kumar Philip Bear, Subbarao Varikuti, Jayakrishna Kurada. Pilot testing of sticker tool method for monitoring DOTS providers under revised national tuberculosis control program in Khammam: operational research. Int J Adv Med. 2020 May;7(5):790-94.
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