• Regularly monitoring teacher evaluation & student evaluation
  • Teacher self assessment activity
  • Improving teaching – learning activities by micro teaching and teacher training programmes
  • Educating Postgraduate students on Pedagogy and on research methodology, scientific publications and biostatistics.
  • Regularly conducting teacher training programmes for the faculty members
  • Organizing CME programmes
  • Organizing under graduate, interns and postgraduate orientation programmes.
  • Carrying out educational projects.
  • Regularly deputing faculty members to National and regional and nodal training centers for medical education.

Educational projects:

  1. Introduction of problem based exercises after a lecture for final year MBBS students in OBG. – Dr M. Vijaya SreeM.D  professor of OBG.
  2. Improving the learning outcome of slow learners by various teaching/ learning methods. – Dr B. Anuradha M.D  professor of Micribiplogy.
  3. To introduce OSCE/OSPE as a learning and as a evaluation tool. –        Dr B. P. Ravikumar M.D. Professor of Community Medicine.
  4. To compare the effect of teaching with black board  and teaching withA-V aids (OHP & LCD). –  P. Srilakshmi M.Sc Ph D, assoc.  Professor of Biochemistry.
  5. Introducing team based learning to improve learning outcome.- Dr B. Anuradha M.D  professor of Microbiology
  6. Introducing mini CEX for p g students as a learning tool.  – Dr M. Vijaya SreeM.D  professor of OBG
  7. Comparison of the impact of problem based learning role play versus traditional lecture on the attitude and communication skills and academic outcome of 9th semester students in OBG. – Dr.M.Vijaya Sree M.D professor of OBG
  8.  Impact of JIGSAW learning versus traditional learning method on the study skills and academic outcome of 6th semester students in OBGY  – Dr.M.Vijaya Sree M.D professor of OBG
  9. Effectiveness of case based learning over traditional methods in pathology teaching of undergraduate students –  Dr Y . sushma Prof & HOD , pathology.
  10. Evaluation of directly observed procedural skills in surgery (surgical DOPS) as a tool to enhance surgical suturing technique.-  Dr Padmanabh Inamdar , associate professor of general surgery 
  11. Perception of under graduate medical students and faculty towards role play as a teaching – learning tool for communication skills – Dr P . Udy kumar , Professor of Anatomy

Effectiveness of self directed learning in embryology to first year MBBS students. – DR G. Vinay , Prof & HOD , Anatomy