Dr Siva Subba Rao Pakanati

Professor and HOD of ENT

Email: pakanati.sivasubbarao@gmail.com

Current academic role and responsibilities

  • Teaching the under graduate medical students and implementation of competency based medical education programs.
  • Development of programs of clinical excellence that can support the academic programs.
  • Overseeing education of post graduate students via operating room experience, teaching rounds,lectures and conferences.
  • Acting as guide for post graduate dissertations.
  • Enhancing opportunities for scholarly research in the department.

Areas of research and expertise

  • Hearing and deafness
  • Otology and otopathology
  • Balance
  • Head and neck Neoplasms
  • Facial plastic and Reconstructive surgery
  • Paediatric otolaryngology
  • Sinus and nasal disorders
  • Voice and Speech

Professional Affiliations

Life member of AOI-Telangana state


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