Dr S Vijaya Durga

Professor of Microbiology

Email– durgasv11@yahoo.com

Current Academic Role & Responsibilities

  • Conducting theory, practical classes, Self – Directed Learning, AETCOM and Problem Based Learning sessions for the medical students. Theory and practical classes for dental and BSC-nursing students.
  • Involved in diagnostic and research activities of the department.
  • Guiding undergraduate (MBBS) in their research projects including ICMR.
  • Working as departmental co-ordinator/Registrar for NAAC programme

Areas of Research & Expertise

  • Bacteriology and Immunology,
  • Molecular Biology,
  • Mycology, Virology and Parasitology,
  • Hospital Infection control

Awards & Achievements

  • Completed the Internal Auditor & Quality management Systems Certificate course (Foundation for Quality, India) as per ISO 15189- 2012, 2016 at Mamata Medical College, Khammam.
  • Underwent training for Online Curriculum Implementation Support Programme (CISP-II) on 23rd & 24th Nov’ 2020 organized by MCI Regional Centre for Medical Education Technology, Gandhi Medical College, Secunderabad at Medical education unit, Mamata Medical College, Khammam
  • Attended Revised course basic workshop and training in Attitude, Ethics and communication (AETCOM) at Mamata Medical College and Hospital, Khammam from 26th to 28th October 2021.

Professional Affiliations

  • Life member of the Indian Association for Medical Microbiologists (IAMM)
  • Life member of the IAMM-TAPC chapter.

Peer reviewer for

  • Journal of Research in Medical Microbiology.
  • Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences.


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