Dr Uday Pal Singh

Professor and HOD of Forensic Medicine

Email : udaypal1969@yahoo.com

Current Academic Role & Responsibilities

  • Teaching MBBS 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th semester students.
  • Periodic evaluation and conduction of exams for medical students.
  • Training medical students and making them efficient in dealing medico-legal cases.
  • Giving consultation in medico-legal issues to doctors whenever they need.
  • Attending and giving evidence in court of law.
  • College anti-ragging committee member.

Areas of Research & Expertise

Forensic pathology, Forensic anthropology, medical ethics, Forensic psychiatry, Forensic ballistics and epidemiology.

Professional Affiliations

  • Life Member of Indian Medical Association.
  • Life member of Indian academy of Forensic medicine.
  • Life member of Telangana forensic medicine association.
  • Life Member of Karnataka Medico-legal Society.
  • Permanent Registration in Telangana Medical Council, India


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