Dr Raviprasanna K H

Professor of Anatomy

Email: pravikh8124@gmail.com

Current Academic Role & Responsibilities

  • Plan, organize, support and deliver anatomy lectures in didactic, laboratory and/or classroom settings to MBBS, BDS & Nursing students.
  • Proctor exams, participate in departmental meetings, as well as college taskforces and/or committees as necessary.
  • Member of Antiragging committee.

Areas of Research & Expertise

Gross Anatomy, Histology & Osteology

Professional Affiliations

  • Life Member of Scholars Academic & Scientific Society (SAS/LMSASS/083)
  • Editorial Board member of International Journal of Anatomy and Research (IJAR)
  • Life Member of Anatomical Society of India
  • Member of E- Cronicon Clinical & Experimental Anatomy Editorial Panel
  • Life Member of Society of Clinical Anatomists (LM- 104/15)


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