Dr Pokala Naveen

Professor and Head of Pharmacology

Email: naveenpokala221@gmail.com

Current Academic Role & Responsibilities

  • I am working as Professor and Head, department of Pharmacology.
  • I am involved in teaching or training the undergraduate students, pursuing MBBS, BDS and B.Sc Nursing.
  • I am holding the position of Chairperson for Institutional animal ethics committee of Mamata Medical College.
  • As a Chairperson of pharmacovigilance committee of Mamata Medical College, sharing the responsibility of reporting ADR’s to National Pharmacovigilance Centre (Indian Pharmacopeia Commission).

Areas of Research & Expertise

  • Antidiabetic activity of plant extracts.
  • Hepatoprotective & Antioxidant activity of plant extracts.
  • Epidemiological studies on antimicrobial agents & diabetes

Professional Affiliations

Dr. Naveen Pokala- Member of IPS (Indian Pharmacological society membership number-LP-313


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