Dr N Shivarama Krishna Babji                   

Professor of Paediatrics

Email: shivababji123@gmail.com

Current Academic Role & Responsibilities

  • Working as chief of unit-I in department of paediatrics.
  • Primarily involved in management of patients visiting OPD on Monday and Thursdays and the inpatients admitted during those days.
  • Involved in graduate (MBBS) and postgraduate (MD) under the auspicies of head of the department.
  • Involved in PG-Activity of the Department.
  • Conducting Undergraduate (MBBS) theory & practical class

Areas of Research & Expertise

Neonatology, Paediatric Emergencies, Infections Diseases, Vaccinology.

Professional Affiliations

  • IAP member [L/2008/B-1012()].
  • IMA life member KAR/8788/40/62/163877/2010-11/L.


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