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Overview of Department:

  • The department of Psychiatry provides a Comprehensive, Integrated, multidisciplaning service is the management of patients with Psychological & Psychiatric disorders.
  • Empathetic care to the patients and their family members and integrating them into the society
  • Community service
  • An orientation to principals of research methodology.
  • To train Under Graduates & Post Graduates with basic skills in Psychiatry and Scientific foundation in behavioral science
  • Department of Psychiatry caters the needs of primary, secondary and tertiary care to the people of khammam and surrounding districts.
S. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Mallipalli Pramod Kumar Reddy Professor & HOD
2 Dr. R.Sateesh Babu Professor
3 Dr. Prashanth Challuri Assistant Professor


Special Clinics

  • Child guidance clinic
  • Adolescence guidance
  • De-addiction clinic
  • Geriatric and community psychiatry

Clinical Services:

  • Free OPD care with free registration & free consultation in OPD.
  • Multi disciplinary assessments by cross references as and when required.
  • Emergency care.

Community health services: 

  • School mental health camps.
  • Regular Rural mental health camps


  • Our Institution has good academicians’ who are strive to impact the best educations possible for students. The team works of the staff gives the best possible outputs academic wise.
  • Ours is leavel-3 tertiary care center with all equipment and manual resources providing the best treatment and care compared to other hospitals with cost effectiveness.


  • Consultation cum examination
  • Provision for Special clinics.
  • Psychometric facilities.
  • Anesthesia assisted ECT.
  • C Seminar hall with aids like LCD projector & laptop.
  • Demo models and charts for counseling.
  • Departmental library with a collection of 139 books.
  • IPD: Closed ward facility for aggressive patients and de-addiction centre
  • E-learning classes to all under graduates and post graduates.
  • Encourage students to actively participate in both state and national level activities academically and non-academically in all kind of activates.
  • Equipped with skilled lab where both post graduates and under graduates are given hands on training skills.
  • Intensive Teaching schedule on all working days for Post graduates.
  • Clinical postings done regularly with ward leaving examinations to under graduates.
  • We update ourselves regular approaches and treatment methods by from of journal club.
  • The departmental library is provided with various journals and recent books- 139


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PROJECTS (2019-2020)

  1. Anxiety, depression, and quality of life in females diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome – Dr. K. S. Charishma.
  2. A study of psychiatric comorbidity in patients with ischemic heart disease – Dr. Abdul rahman Boathman.
  3. Prevalence and correlates of sexual dysfunction in male patients with alcohol dependence syndrome – Dr. R. Vivek kumar.
  4. A study of self stigma and self esteem inpersons with schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder in their remission – Dr. Bhavesh J Dhedhi.