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Overview of Department:

  • Department of Pediatrics caters the needs of primary, secondary and tertiary care to the people of Khammam and surrounding districts.
  • Department provides better care to patients in out patients and In patients department
  • Daily along with 24 hours causality and critical care services in ICU.
  • Ours is a tertiary center for all undiagnosed and complicated cases in and around Khammam
S. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Md. Ashraf Mohiddin Siddiq Professor & HOD
2 Dr. Gadipalli Somaiah Professor
3 Dr. Moparthi Suresh Babu Professor
4 Dr. Shivarama Krishna Babji.N Professor
5 Dr. Maslekar Sanjivani Deepak Associate Professor
6 Dr.Kurapati Pradeep Kumar Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Vellanki Brahma Kumar Assistant Professor
8 Dr. Kota Praveen Assistant Professor
9 Dr. Aalamaddi Vinusha Assistant Professor
10 Dr. Sandhya Rani.T Assistant Professor
11 Dr. Vamsi Krishna Guntupalli Assistant Professor
12 Dr. Y. Gowtham Assistant Professor


  • MD Pediatrics

Clinical Services:

  • Free OPD care with free registration & free consultation in OPD.
  • We provide all kinds of vaccinations as per immunization schedule   of  IAP
  • Multi disciplinary assessments by cross references as and when required.
  • Emergency care.
  • Medical PICU with beds and NICU beds, both ICU have central oxygen, Ventilators, Bubble CPAP, HFNCs and Cardiac monitors.
  • Advanced phototherapy with LED lights , Exchange transfusions (Both total and partial)
  • Protocols displayed for all common emergencies in both PICU & NICU
  • We admit and treat all kinds of poisons cases.

Community health services:  

  • School health camps.
  • Regular Rural health camps
  • Detection and Medical advice of MALNUTRITION among children in both urban & rural areas.
  • We conduct awareness about oral hydration , Breasting feeding promotions  among both urban and Rural parents


  • Our Institution has good academicians’ who are strive to impact the best educations possible For students. The team works of the staff gives the best possible outputs academic wise.
  • Ours is leavel-3 tertiary care center with all equipment and manual resources providing the Best treatment and care compared to other hospitals with cost effectiveness.


  • E-learning classes to all under graduates and post graduates.
  • Encourage students to actively participate in both state and national level activities academically and non-academically in all kind of activates.
  • Equipped with skilled lab where both post graduates and under graduates are given hands on training skills.
  • Intensive Teaching schedule on all working days for Post graduates.
  • Clinical postings done regularly with ward leaving examinations to under graduates.
  • We update ourselves regular approaches and treatment methods by from of journal club.
  • Departmental library is provided with various journals and recent books- 176.



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  • T. SAHITHYA REDDY- Study of biochemical abnormalities in acute diarrhea in children.
  • U. ASHOK KUMAR- Study of comparing the efficiency of intravenous levetiracetam versus intravenous valproate the management of refractory status epilepticus in children.
  • N. SUNEETHA -To study the use of nebulised 3% hypertonic saline in the treatment of bronchiolitis.
  • VISWA PRASANTH -A study of clinical profile early diagnosis immediate outcome and outcome and short term follow up of congenital heart disease in children.
  • NISHANT NAIK. B -To study first day serum bilirubin as a predictor for future hyper bilirbinemia.
  • K. SAI RAMYA -A study of etiology of splenomegaly in children by clinical and laboratory methods.
  • Chowdary Vidya Sagar -Scorpion sting: A Clinical Study on early diagnosis of pulmonary Edema in children.
  • Nettem Sindhura -A Study of the complications in infants of diabetic mothers
  • Gul Mohammed Danish -Study of outcome of acute lower Respiratory tract infections in children aged 2 months to 5 years
  • Patlolla Nandhitha -The study of Etiology of Convulsions in children Between 1 Month and 5 Years of age
  • Lavanya Beeswa -Study of Blood glucose levels in newborns
  • Lavudiya Tejaswi -Study of diagnosis of malaria using Rapid diagnosis tests
  • V. Narasimha Teja – A Study of growth pattern and serum ferritin levels in transfusion dependent Beta-Thalassemia children.-
  • Cheruku Rajesh – A clinical study to evaluate the lipid profile in children with primary nephrotic syndrome.
  • Haritha Mirabana – Etiology, Clinical outcome. Laboratory findings of children with Neutropenia in non malignant conditions
  • Koppolu Vijayendar Babu – Study of Urinary tract infection in malnourished children age 06 months to 5 years at a tertiary care centre.
  • M.S. Srivaishnavi Health profile of girl children aged 1 year to 16 years admitted in Mamata general hospital, khammam .
  • Boddam Ganesh Yadav – A Study of clinical and laboratory profile in children with febrile seizures
  • Sivesh P.V.S – Correlation of cord bilirubin levels with hyper bilirubinemia in ABO Incompatibility at mamata general hospital, Khammam
  • Chunchu Bhavana – Role of Zinc as an adjuvant therapy in acute pneumonia in children of age 2 months to 2 years